Author: Edie Canter

Interim Leadership: Bridging the Gap

I learned the value of hiring interims when I was an executive director. As a consultant, I now provide that same value to my nonprofit clients. I was in a bind. The program director of the education organization I led resigned in the fall, a bad time to recruit an educator. My initial search failed…. Read more »

The Consultant’s Toolbox: RESPECT

outstretched hand on blue background

Respect is not a given. It should be. Shortly after I launched Canter Strategies, I attended a gathering of nonprofit consultants discussing best practices. During the Q&A, I listened in shock as a speaker maligned nonprofit leaders and contended that “we” (consultants) needed to tell “them” how to operate. Others in the room nodded in… Read more »

Fundraising in Times of Crisis

“Should we fundraise now?” “Can we fundraise now?” “How should we fundraise now?” These questions have been top of mind for nonprofit leaders during the COVID crisis. Fortunately, the answers may be simpler than you think. And what we learn at this time can inform fundraising practices in the future. Yes, you should fundraise during… Read more »